Token Distribution

Distribution of Tokens will take place after ICO end. You will be able to withdraw the purchased EMA Tokens on an ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet set in the account settings.

Token Sale51%
Reserve for Incentives23%
Founders and team17%
Advisors, startegic partners5%
PreICO contributions3%

Team tokens are locked - 24 months vesting with a monthly cliff.

Bounty tokens will be released in two weeks after ICO ends.

Token Details

Token Ticker EMA
Private placement – May 4, 2018
Tokens to accept : 16.000ETH
Public presale May 5, 2018
Tokens to accept 35.000 ETH (including private phase)
Initial Price 5.100 EMA = 1 ETH
Currencies Accepted in Crowdsale ETH, altcoins, BTC, fiat
Currencies Accepted in Private presale ETH, altcoins, BTC, fiat
Soft/Hard cap 2.000/35.000 ETH
Token Delivery Date 1 week after closing token sale (September 30, 2018)

Stages and bonuses

Only 3.500 ETH will be accepted in Stage 1  with bonus 20%

Max cap is 35.000 ETH

Bonus 20%

Stage 1 : 3.500 ETH

Bonus 17%

Stage 2 : 3.500 ETH

Bonus 15%

Stage 3 : 5.250 ETH

Bonus 10%

Stage 4 : 7000 ETH

Bonus 5%

Stage 5 : 8.750 ETH

No Bonus

Stage 6: 7000 ETH

Stage 1

1 ETH = 6.120 EMA

Stage 2

1 ETH = 5.967 EMA

Stage 3

1 ETH = 5.865 EMA

Stage 4

1 ETH = 5.610 EMA

Stage 5

1 ETH = 5.355 EMA

Stage 6

1 ETH = 5.100 EMA


EMA tokens can be purchased at https://EMMARES.IO web page. After pressing BUY EMA you will have to do KYC process and at the end, the system will show you the Ethereum address, where you assign ETH ad smart contract will assign EMA in current rate/bonus to the wallet, where ETH came from.

Please do not assign ETH from exchanges! Only use direct sending from your ETH wallet, which you whitelisted in the KYC  process.

EMA tokens are ERC 20 tokens used for Emmares marketing campaigns, advertising, buy goods in the marketplace, buy ESP packages or use it on partner marketplaces. A large number of tokens will be needed as the market with 270 B emails per day is very big.

EMA tokens are a fuel of EMMARES ecosystem.

Tokens for private placement will be distributed after ICO.

Tokens for public presale and phase 1 to 6 will be released after soft cap reached trough smart contract immediately.

Minimum purchase token ammount in Open Private presale is 1 ETH and in Public presale 0,1ETH

The platform is projected to provide global service and worldwide placement. Based on projected figures daily rating volume will be 300M emails and that would require large token quantity. If tokens will not be in circulation (HODL) then the price of tokens in circulation will adapt to cover all needs. Larger circulation bigger need for tokens.

Buying EMA tokens in predistribution will make you the holder of a portion of EMMARES fuel and contribute to the innovative new way of digital connecting. As revenue of the system is predicted at volume of 0,2% of total email marketing volume in the level of 35M $ per day at globalization stage, a need for the volume of tokens will be adequate to the turnaround volume and fast calculation can give the prediction, what could be the price in the production stage, as total volume on  the market will remain the same and no new tokens will be generated.

It is the vital interest of EMMARES team and all token holders to get to the exchanges with good liquidity and reputation. We are in connection to several exchanges and we already agreed for few of them. But due to nondisclosure agreements, we can disclose each exchange after the actual listing is scheduled.

We are working on the process to include most altcoins and fiat to purchase process, But at the moment we accept only ETH in presale and phases 1-6.

When ready, we will announce also addition with other altcoins and fiat, when available through third-party services.

You need classic ERC 20 Wallet as Metamask, Myetherwallet or similar.

The whole process of creating new wallets will be on the web before ICO stage

There are special bonuses for large investors only at private placement phase. Large contributions are limited to  max 16.000 ETH