Frequently asked questions

Company is registered in Hong Kong. Operational entity is registered in Slovenia. Token generation event will be in Hong Kong company, but operational entity is Slovenia/EU.
We are members of Slovenian ThinkTank and our Founder Bojan Oremuz is on a commission board for legislation and taxation in ThinkTank. Our advisor Peter Merc is president of Slovenian ThinkTank and appointed with the ministry for preparation of positive legislation, making Slovenia blockchain friendly country. The most prominent legal office (LemurLegal) specialized in Blockchain is taking care of legal side of the project.

PoC was made in 2017 and we are in a final testing stage of MVP. MVP is ready to start with the first campaigns offered to other ICOs to make their promotions trough EMMARES system.
EMMARES is not depending on any ESP or mail service. It can be used within (or without) any ESP (for example MailChimp, Getresponse, Squizmail,…) or mail service (Gmail, …). EMMARES currently does not have a similar competitor (as far as we know).

We’ve decided to release (1/24)-th of the founders’ endowment every month for 24 months, a practice widely known as vesting (2 years’ vesting with a 1-month cliff). It will create a long-term incentive for executives and inspire them to steadily achieve roadmap milestones with persistence.

For the example ‘Michael’ has a company producing healthy food. He decided to expand his operations. First, he would invest in EMA tokens and generate EMMARES “rewarding pool” for the new campaign. He will send his e-magazine about healthy food to the customers, who he already knows, as they are interested in the topic. He is sure, that he made good e-magazine and believes, that his recipients will grade content with excellent grade.
With good reputation grade, EMMARWS will know, that he is a very good information source for topic healthy food.
Random person, let us call him “Bob” does not know about Michael and his company. He didn’t hear about them yet. But he would like to get content connected to healthy food and applies in EMMARES content search for that topic.
EMMARES represents him with the best content providers for certain topic and Michaels posts are on the top as the best-rated content for the selected topic “healthy food”. Bob will confirm Michael as a welcome sender and he will receive his content.
If one day quality of Michaels posts drops and his grade is significantly lower, the system will give recipient possibility to change to better source or stay with current one.
EMMARES system does not push info and does not make or support spam. It connects high-quality content to those, who are interested in specific topics, creating a win-win situation for both sides. Marketers are gaining an audience, who is interested in their content and recipients are gaining the transparent overview of content quality and have the possibility to choose the best content providers for their interests.
Every new customer can participate in a ‘quality race’.
For faster new members inclusion, we provided initiatives for new account opening.
After the initial phase, we will buy tokens for incentivizing new accounts on the exchange (a way of a buyback, for fulfilling incentives for new customer accounts).

EMMARES is not a competitor to email transport or service providers. Furthermore – EMMARES has positive effects on all ESPs (Email Service providers).
One of the biggest problems of ESPs is deliverability due to bad email addresses and lowquality content of senders emails which effect their overall ESP deliverability. With EMMARES they have reduced the risk of spamming and consequently better email deliverability.
EMMARES concept is to be independent of any ESP and can be used everywhere. The basic way of EMMARES operation is evaluating footer, which will be generated for every campaign separately. That code will be footer of a common email message. Recipients of that messages will be able to grade the content quality and that grading will be recorded. For grading, the recipient will be rewarded with EMA tokens.
Our plan is to invite ESP to become partners in the project. With ESP inclusion service will be globalized faster.
Also, users without ESP service will be able to use EMMARES, as it is not limited to ESP operations.
Any email client can be used (example: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook).

Globalization phase represents strategic partnership phase with world ESPs, as the
majority of email marketing goes through ESP services. EMMARES does not interfere or replace any of those, but it gives a new perspective to email marketing and content
retrieval. Service as EMMARES today simply does not exist.
As today ESP market is mainly conducted through some 100 larger ESPs and a lot of smaller ESPs, partnering with those would represent the fastest way of globalization. We have prepared two strategies:

– top down – the biggest ESPs inclusion in the system. Everyone will follow when they see the biggest ones using EMMARES
– down up – strategy as was conducted by for example ACER in the past, when they started with peripheral countries and expanded to the most important latter, is second possibility of globalization. Big ESPs are sometimes self-efficient. In such cases, smaller ESPs will see their advantage in EMMARES and with adopting smaller ESPs, that will definitely attract also the big ones.
Effects of EMMARES are very positive for normal operations of ESPs, as Email service
providers have a big concern about spam, bad email addresses, and abuses of opt-in. All that reduces their domain health and deliverability of their services. Showing EMMARES results to ESPs will represent a big advantage in their most important fields of operations.

We are aiming to company’s presence in the main world regions and constant initiatives for
services promotion.

Before ICO it is too early to fix them, as good exchanges usually vote for new projects after ICO. But we are in contacts with some serious exchanges and our goal is to be on good exchanges with good liquidity, to provide stable and easy access to the EMA tokens. We will publish exact exchange information when it will be confirmed from the exchanges.

EMMARES is one of its kind and service and as far as we know, any other service similar to EMMARES simply does not exist. EMMARES has a positive impact to all parties – email marketers, recipients and ESPs. We believe, that partnering with ESPs with large email volume will bring positive results for all parties.
EMMARES service will be free of charge for ESPs and will bring them obvious advantages.
EMMARES reduces the need for Web advertising, as it represents the smart way of connecting excellent content to those, who want such content (targeted recipients).

Part of the code will be public as well as APIs for usage of the functionalities and data.
But some data are related to personal data (such as email address of recipient…) and for personal data compatibility with new GDPR directive, we have to have personal data of the chain and some parts of the code will be for that reason secured.
Everything connected to immutability and trust of content evaluations will be public. Data on the main blockchain and sidechain will be public.
We plan to release a minimum working beta of evaluation system before ICO.
Development of beta and production is planned as in time plan.

We were thinking a lot about user-friendliness and the usage of the system. Now we have a solution which does not require unique link generation and makes usage simple and universal. We do not dependent on ESPs and we can put that footer, which is generated by EMMARES specifically for every campaign. Recipient, who receives an email with evaluation footer for the first time, will be lead by the system to the first registration screen. So after the first registration, usage of EMMARES is simple.

We were thinking about that too. That is a good question, as the population of fiat is much bigger than just crypto. We want to implement a system where a user will be able to buy credits with fiat and we will exchange them to EMA. We want to make the usage easy for both – Crypto and Fiat users. For exchange needs, we will maintain a certain level of liquidity of EMA tokens for those, who will use the system through fiat payments. We do not want to make false concurrency to the exchanges, therefore buyback will be limited to liquidity pool for easy service usage.

a. EMMARES has a great potential and a lot of advantages to ESPs. For example, it maximizes open rate and engagement, minimizes low-quality content and rises ESPs deliverability through those factors. ESPs are certainly fast track to globalization, but we also take care of those, who would like to send email promotions and do not have their ESP. As a normal legit content provider has to have basic options such as “unsubscribe” or “abuse reporting” on a visible spot, we had two chances… first was to give the users without ESPs direct opt-ins form interested recipients or the second, provide them with “default ESP service”. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. First one is ok and is mentioned as a first choice, but we will sign with every content provider, a special agreement, which will assure, that he will use legally required actions such as “unsubscribe” and “abuse” reports. Emmares will handle Opt-in and Opt-out automatically in accordance with GDPR requests. That will assure legitimacy and avoid abuses. And it takes a lot of effort from our side to have all possible “misusage” holes under control.
The second way would be (in case, that content provider doesn’t have his “unsubscribe” etc regulated properly), to offer the user a “default” ESP. In this case, we will arrange some kind of “exchange” for ESPs and they will be able to bid for such users and offer them services. We have also our own ESP, and if there will be no other offer, we will give such user the possibility to use our ESP (important: the usage of our ESP will not, in any way, be a condition).

b. For usage without ESP service, we will take precautions such as KYC to avoid abuse. We have to be sure, that proper mechanisms of Opt-in and opt-out are in place.
c. Legally opt-in and opt-out through EMMARES is the same as opt-in or opt-out from recipient directly to the content provider.

EMMARES will have working model trough first ESP – Squizmail even before ICO. That is already confirmed. We are in contacts with some of the biggest ESPs and will add them when the agreement will be confirmed.

a. Squizmail is by sizing small ESP and has 6 – 10mio mails per day and large recipients base (over 50 mio) through content providers, using the service. Partnering also with some larger ESPs will initiate a need for the service. When users will be able to use advantages of the system, we believe, that other ESPs will be interested in adding the service. But on the other hand, ESPs will have big benefits through EMMARES in better deliverability, reducing the volume of spam and expansion of healthy emails.
b. For incentivizing adoption, we planned incentives for faster quality database creation. EMMARES has full potential with enough evaluations of different contents. We will provide every new content provider an initial budget to start evaluation process for their content. We want to create a kind of “viral” effect when good results of other content providers will lead new ones to join in the system.

a. Email marketing is here and has been the same for decades. It is the only social media without (proper) advertising. And there is a reason for that. Until now, every “advertising” was meant as a “push” system. And that would make spam even worse. Bought email lists are just one of those problems.
b. EMMARES is the only system in email marketing, which actually has positive effects on advertising and in the same time limits bad sides of advertising, as EMMARES is based on “pull” way of operation. It creates possibilities for both and does not force anything on anybody. It is pure innovation.
c. Blockchain technology makes evaluations trusted, as the possibility of false grades is eliminated. Every provider has the same possibilities and success is mostly dependent on his content quality and not on the money involved. A need for very big advertising budget is eliminated and results are direct connections between good content and those, searching for such content.
d. As EMMARES will be a public system, there will be a set of programming interfaces, which will allow anybody to develop new interesting applications. As personal data is involved, all personal data will be off the chain and not accessible to the public.
e. EMMARES is open to anybody, who wants to contribute in a positive way to the system. We really see it as a global email quality assessment system.

a. Actually, it is not used for the token reward only. Blockchain technology is essential for more than just the transfer of the rewards. As EMMARES is dealing with a large amount of data, classical blockchain such as Ethereum, would have problems with throughput and cost of transactions. That is why we designed, (with help of our advisor Giuseppe Gori , founder of the next generation blockchain Gorbyte) a side chain, which has a purpose to serve as high throughput / low-cost sidechain. We assured trust system between blockchains. With such design, we have high throughput, unchangeability on both – main blockchain and sidechain and low cost on side chain. Because the rewards are small, we are collecting/counting them on sidechain and recipients can anytime move their reward to their wallet trough main Ethereum blockchain.
b. Sidechain and Ethereum blockchain are public and anybody can check transactions.
c. Data validation and immutability is assured with such design.

a. Main source of revenue for EMMARES is the rewarding budget as you noticed.
b. For ESPs EMMARES represents not only a possible source of direct revenue, but even more important – a healing system for their business. The biggest problems for ESPs are bad content providers and bad email addresses. Deliverability is hurt every time, when bad senders send their (spam) content. Healing of ruined IP and the domain health is one of the biggest problems for ESPs. Emmares gives them a solution for that. We believe, that this fact is even bigger ‘driver’ for EMMARES acceptability to ESPs, than only just a part of the revenue.
c. We have prepared also other drivers, which we want to remain secrecy, but always we will remain neutral to all ESPs, as we want to maintain neutral service for everybody.

System is in a way “self healing” : first of all, recipients have the possibility to choose a content provider. It is not automatically done. Second, the statistical sample must be large enough to provide trusted evaluation. If someone would try to trick the system, that would be short, as in next round all recipients would evaluate him as low quality and would be removed from the system. If he would choose very small sample, system will know, that his evaluation is not trusted yet and because of the small sample he won’t win the top position that soon. Bad reviews from the second round will eliminate him automatically.

That is good question and thank you for that.
Flipboard is a good WEB information portal with interest-based information collection. But it is not in the email field. There is a lot of valuable content, which today can find it’s way only through browsing the web contents and applying for mailing lists. There is no trusted general evaluation site, which could offer Email providers quality assessments. For example, if you want to receive good offers from Airlines companies, you can go to AmericanXYZ, QatarXYZ, Air IndiaXYZ ..etc, but maybe there is a company, which is also great and has great or better offers and you don’t know about it yet. Today you have to choose, firstly through the web content and secondly, you apply for email content… You just don’t go always to the web to get that info. Once applied, you preferably stay with selected ones. With EMMARES, public assessment will help you out without the need to visit many of the webs sites to choose from.
The same is for B..
If we don’t know what or who is the best, we usually do not have time to explore. And if we will choose a coupon content for an area of airfares, EMMARES will help me out with the best for specified region. Directly to the email, without the need to browse or go to the websites and search the content.

EMMARES is creating a global digital reputation for email content providers. The ecosystem will help to self-regulate a field that is one of the most important in digital media – email. Specifics of email prevented over all content directory and the only way usually marketers wanted to expand their reach was with pus methods and such resulted in a large proportion of spam in email volume.

By definition digital reputation in EMMARES ecosystem is decentralized, unchangeable, trusted and global. Everybody will be able to check the ratings and digital score. Based on the digital reputation of content quality all users of email will be able to choose the information by gender and type which is of their interest. Email will become a different media with better quality of information, less quantity and drastic reduction of spam.

Digital reputation is important as a trusted score for every legal information provider. Blockchain assures payment for evaluators (recipients), regular and trusted ratings and decentralized usage of digital reputation results. EMMARES is dealing with large throughput, which would be difficult to handle by main Ethereum Blockchain. For that reason system uses also high transaction capable and low transaction cost sidechain, which is sealed to main Blockchain, resulting in a trusted public decentralized source of digital reputation scores.

We do have some big names in Venture capital among our advisors as David Drake and Ilya Anikin. But we are dealing with investment pools. We are not interested in whales with short-term goals and we are aiming to widen population of investors, who want to join EMMARES on the long term, Recently TheCoinShark magazine selected our project as Top ICO of April and they noted, that “investing in EMMARES reminds them to joining Google in early days”.

MVP is ready and shows basic functionalities of the system. Our plans are, to start first campaigns trough EMMARES system with different marketing content providers from various areas and brands and establish initial ratings and reputations directory.

Companies will appear in the directory with their digital reputation rating and all new campaigns will expand this directory, enabling participating companies to gain new exactly targeted customers.

After concluded soft cap and the first round of funding we will expand development team and speed up Blockchain and side chain realization. By the end of the year 2018, we will scale the application for larger use and scalability for general global use.

As every Blockchain project, EMMARES is dependent on the main Ethereum development and advance. Throughput problems and high cost of transactions, which would arise with high transaction frequency, were solved with sidechain combination. We minimized the influence of throughput to Ethereum, although Ethereum is still the main transport of token flow of the system.

We minimized GDPR risks with careful planning and design of the solution and we will deploy strong legal ground in final product finalization.

The development team will be decentralized and we will open offices in different regions to assure local presence and talent acquisition.

We are confident that we have enough experiences and knowledge to develop the company as a long-term market leader in the new area, where currently there is no competition. EMMARES is a clear innovation and is changing digital marketing as we know today.

EMA token is the fuel of the system. Marketers will fill the “rewards pool” to reward recipients for a fair evaluation of content quality. Recipients will be rewarded by EMA tokens. They can collect those tokens, use them for their own promotion or sell them on the marketplace. EMMARES will assure also the alternate withdrawal of rewards trough marketplace for those, who would rather like to withdraw various goods instead of tokens. For that matter, we will partner with marketplaces such as Vestarin and similar, and EMA tokens will get wide usage in goods exchange.

Through smart contracts, we are assuring fair and consistent payment system for participants and rewarding regardless of given quality score. Such system provides consistent payments and fair reputation results.

Yes, we have a working prototype and are currently collecting applications for the first campaigns for companies from various branches and regions. They will get initial nonrefundable tokens (they can use them only for EMMARES promotion) for their first EMMARES campaign and get their initial reputation score.

One of the usages of a prototype will be also a campaign for ICOs, where we are planning a campaign for ICOs to get to EMMARES and make their reputation on the system, resulting in directory presence and for good ones – expansion of their audience.

EMA will be listed preferably in one month after ICO at least to three reputable exchanges. Our goal is to get onto enough exchanges with good liquidity to assure accessibility of tokens, as they will be necessary for getting and maintaining digital reputation score.

Our private phase lasts until Maj 5th.  Until then we are in arrangements with strategic investors. On May 5th the first stage of public presale started.

Buying EMA now, means investing in a frequently used token, needed for important service, which will radically expand the reach of participants with a good reputation. The system has some similarities to advertising systems of large providers, although is totally different and new approach. The end result will be better ROI of a participant and lower cost per new recipient. That will make token desirable and if we take into account the volume of email marketing traffic, which is daily over 170Bilion email, we see that the need for tokens will grow exponentially with the expansion of service. Holders of tokens are expected to greatly benefit from it’s value. As a total number of tokens will never be more than 500.000.000 we see that that is much less than daily needed tokens in the end consequence.

As above, the good return on investment is connected with excellent RoI of EMMARES in total for the participants. It is not only manipulative token, but real utility token with excellent long-term value and service for one of the largest user base – email users worldwide.  With old Email marketing RoI was around 4000%. With EMMARES that RoI for email marketers will grow rapidly, creating ultimately the most influential channel in digital marketing.

With ESP inclusion volume will expand rapidly resulting in increasing token rotation speed. The market rules say – higher demand and need, generate a higher price.

The market for EMMARES is huge. There are 4B email addresses, with 90T mails sent per year, and around 269B every day. More than 60% of that volume is email marketing content. Establishing EMMARES as an ultimate reputation system will contribute to a reduction of spam and transparent content directory of good content providers. Accessing only 0,2% of Email marketing volume would generate daily revenue of 35 mio US$. The need for tokens in such environment will generate a need for growth to enable quantity requirements for the service. And certainly, some of the tokens will be held (HODL) making demand even higher.